Facebook Opens Ad Break (Video Monetization) In India For Facebook Creator

Facebook Opens Ad Break (Video Monetization) In India For Facebook Creator

In a proposal to familiarise original videos on its platform and give a competition to YouTube, social media network Facebook on Friday 30, November 2018 at its maiden Creator Day, announced its support to Indian facebook creators with an introduction of multiple monetization tools.

According to Paresh Rajwat, Head of Product for Video, Facebook

The biggest trend that Indian digital industry has witnessed in consumer behavior is rapid growth in the adoption of video. We’re seeing consumer videos exploding on our platform and today, the video has become one of the biggest drivers of engagement growth on Facebook

Facebook enhanced the opportunities for videos creator to help them earn money via ad breaks. Facebook creators in India can join ad breaks to get a 55% share of the revenue from the video ads shown to the viewer on the Facebook platform.

The ad content will be selected by Facebook. Ad Breaks will be placed at natural breaks in content to create a better experience for the viewers, Facebook creators can always choose their own placements or turn off ad breaks for their individual videos. However, one has to be eligible to select ads to put them in their videos.

Presently Ad breaks will available for eligible facebook creators in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, and English. However, other languages will also be available soon.

Facebook also announced ‘Brand Collabs Manager’, a tool that will help brands find facebook creators to collaborate with for branded content opportunities on Facebook platform. It will be available in India next year.

The Facebook creators can quickly create a portfolio with Brand Collabs Manager so that brands can learn more about them and get in touch easier for brand partnerships.

At the Creator Day Facebook also said:
Publishers and Facebook creators can visit fb.me/joinadbreaksCreator Studio or their Page Video Insights to join Ad Breaks. On these destinations, those that do not yet meet the eligibility criteria can view a graphical representation of their Facebook followers, video views, and Monetization Eligibility Standard compliance to track each Page’s progress towards qualifying,

What is the eligibility to monetize ad breaks (Monetization Eligibility Standard):

  1.  Videos must be published from Pages (and not profiles) that have at least 10,000 followers.
  2.  You need to have had 30,000 one-minute views on videos in the last 60 days.
  3.  Your videos must be at least three mins long.
  4. You can read more about ad breaks monetization eligibility.

How to join Facebook for creators?

It is a simple process to join/sign up at Facebook for Creators. You just need an existing Facebook account. Your existing Facebook profile will work for joining/signing up at Facebook for Creators. Just visit Facebook for Creators and click on JOIN at the top right of the web-page and it’s all done.

But if you dont have a facebook account yet, then click on Signup button just below the sign in button and create a new facebook account.

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