How To Add Widget In WordPress Theme (Updated-2018)

In this WordPress Widget Tutorial, You will learn how to add, remove or customize widgets in header, footer, sidebar, below content, and basically any other area in your WordPress blog theme. WordPress comes with a standard set of widgets that you can use with any WordPress theme

Widgets are an incredibly powerful and flexible tool in WordPress. Developers have been using them in many innovative ways in WordPress.

Let’s explore what widgets are, how they can be used, and what options you have. Then, we’ll share some plugins that can give you even more choices!

How To Add Widgets in WordPress Theme

How To Adding Widgets In WordPress

Widgets are a great way to extend the functionality of WordPress blog. They give your users a chance to find important information in a specific location. It also helps to design your blog user-friendly.

What Are WordPress Widgets?

WordPress widgets are small movable elements that perform a specific function. You can add, remove or customizes that elements as per your blog designs requirements. Widgets play an important role in designing your blog’s layout and displaying content other than the main article. By using widgets, you can control your blog theme’s structure,

WordPress widgets, allow you to add content and features in the widget area of your WordPress theme which may be mostly the sidebar or footer of your blog theme

You can use free WordPress widgets. You can also use free WordPress widget plugins like widgets everywhereSiteOrigin widget, and there are a number of plugins that simply add a single new widget to your WordPress blog.

What Are Custom WordPress Widget?

You may want additional options for your blog and you want to create a widget for that additional option, that is called custom WordPress widget.  For example, you can add a custom login form, a contact form, or a photo gallery to a sidebar without writing any code. WordPress widget allows you to drag and drop elements into any sidebar or widget-ready area of your website.

Why Do You Need to Use WordPress Widgets?

WordPress widgets are a simple yet powerful way to customize your blog. Widgets enable you to add the features you want, without having to be a web designer or coding expert.

A widget is a pre-built module that adds a specific feature to your WordPress blog. WordPress widgets in your blog make it easy to customize your blog to fit your needs. Such as a search bar or a list of recent posts. It can be placed into one of your blog’s ‘widget area’, which are defined by your blog theme and are usually located in the sidebars or footer.

 By using WordPress widgets, anyone can have control over themes’ functions. Without widgets, you would have to manually prepare the code to show simple things on the sidebars or footer of the blog. Instead, all you have to do is drag&drop the small blocks where you want to use them.

WordPress widgets can help you expand your website and add extra functionality.

What Kind Of WordPress Widgets Are Available?

A default WordPress installation comes with some built-in widgets like recent posts, search, recent comments, archives, etc.

Many WordPress themes and plugins come with their own widgets. Let say, Envira Gallery plugin allows you to add beautiful image galleries in your WordPress posts and pages. But it also comes with an Envira Gallery widget, which you can add to a sidebar to display image galleries in WordPress.

How To Know Where You Can Use WordPress Widgets?

Adding widget is depends on your WordPress theme. Generally, you can use WordPress widget in header, footer, sidebar, below content, and basically any other area in your WordPress theme. But you won’t have to explore much since all widget-ready areas are listed in Appearance -> Widgets.

Once you open the page, available areas are located on the right side. If you use WordPress’ Twenty Seventeen theme, you can expect one sidebar and two footer areas that accept widgets. You can check this following below steps.

Step 1 − Go to Dashboard Menu → Click on AppearanceWidgets.

Once you click on appearance toy will find below the screen. Theme name is Twenty Seventeen with customization options. Now click on the widget.

Step 2 − Click on Widgets.

Here You can check the compatible area’s of your WordPress theme for widgets. In this WordPress theme, you can add widgets in sidebar and footer. Apart from the theme compatibility, there are many WordPress plugin is available that allows you to add widgets in the various area like a menubar, header, pages depends on your need.

How To Add WordPress Sidebar Widgets?

By default twenty seventeen WordPress theme allows you to add WordPress widgets in footer and sidebar only, but there are some others ways are also available to add WordPress widgets in the header, menu, pages, and posts also.

How To Add WordPress Sidebar Widgets?

In this section of WordPress tutorial, you will learn how to add WordPress widgets in the sidebar of your WordPress Theme. There are multiple ways are available to add widgets to sidebars in your WordPress theme.

Option 1. Drag And Drop:

This is the easiest way to add widgets to your WordPress theme sidebar. The just select widget you want to add in your sidebar and drag it and drop it to your theme’s sidebar area. That’s it.

Option 2. Drop Down List.

You can also click on a widget title from the list of the available widget. WordPress will show you the list of available area to add widgets. simply click on the option where you want to add this widget and finally click on add widget button to add the widget in your theme.

Option 3. Using  Accessibility Mode

You can also add a widget in your WordPress sidebar using accessibility mode. You just need to enable accessibility mode by clicking on the Screen Options button on the top right side of the screen

After Clicking enable accessibility mode, you will get below screen. Each available widget will now have a simple ‘Add’ button

In the above screen, you just need to click on the Add button of widget you want to add. The next page is displayed as shown in the below screen.

Edit required fields and select your desired place and click on save widget button to add a widget. So that is a whole process of adding WordPress sidebar widget.

The widgets page is not the only way to add widgets to your WordPress Theme. You can also add widgets using the live preview by visiting Appearance » Customize.

How To Add WordPress Footer Widgets?

The Process of adding WordPress footer widget almost same as adding WordPress sidebar widget. only a little different is that you just need to select a column of the footer, where you want to add your widget, twenty seventeen theme allows only two columns in the footer. but there may be more columns in footer, depending on your WordPress theme.

How To Remove a Widget in WordPress blog?

Removing a WordPress widget is just as simple as adding them. Go to the Appearance » Widgets page. Look for the widget that you want to remove, and click on the widget title. This will expand widget options as in below screen.

You will find the link to delete the widget in below widget settings. Deleting a widget will remove it from your website and will also delete widget settings like a title or any options that you selected when adding it. You can also remove widget by dragging it to an active widget.

I hope this WordPress Tutorial helped you learn how to add a WordPress widget to your site’s header.

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