How To Embed YouTube Videos To WordPress Posts

Embedding youtube videos to WordPress posts and pages is a good idea to boost user engagement on your blog. Especially when you write a blog on learning tutorials or on demonstration like me. You can also create WordPress Video posts by embedding youtube videos to WordPress posts.

Many of us prefer watching WordPress embed youtube video to reading blog posts.  In this WordPress Tutorial, I’ll show you how to embed a youtube video to WordPress posts.

How to Embed A Youtube Videos To WordPress Posts

How To Embed Videos In WordPress

Embedding Youtube videos into your WordPress posts and pages are very easy – and offers a great way to plump up your blog content. There are many options to embed a youtube video in WordPress blog posts. Below are few very simple methods to make WordPress Videos Posts.

Embed a youtube video to your blog post will also increase WordPress SEO score. Embedding youtube videos in WordPress posts will also help your blog to rank high in search engine,

Option 1. WordPress Embed Youtube Videos Using Plain Video URLs

By Default WordPress comes with a fabulous feature called auto-embeds. It enables WordPress to automatically get the embed code for a video from popular video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

All you require to do is simply paste the Youtube video URL into the post text editor. And be sure that the URL is in its own line and not clickable (hyperlinked).

embed video


If you are using the visual editor, then WordPress will instantly fetch the WordPress embed code and display the video inside the post editor.

You can now save your blog post and click on the preview button to see embed youtube video in your WordPress blog post.

Option 2. Adding the YouTube Shortcode to Allow Video Embedding

You will need to install WordPress Jetpack plugin to use WordPress Youtube shortcode to allow embedding Youtube videos.  After Installing Jetpack, and connecting to WordPress click on Jetpack, then on settings. On the writing tab, activate shortcode embed by sliding the slider.

Embed Youtube videos to WordPress Posts


Now you can use the YouTube shortcode, and others, for embedding videos and other Media to create WordPress videos posts.

Option 3. Enabling Shortcode Support in Widgets

You can also embed videos in WordPress sidebar widgets, For this, you need to enable shortcode to support WordPress sidebar widget. To enable shortcode support in WordPress widgets you need to install plugin “Pluginception”.  Pluinceptigon lets you quickly and easily create new plugins. Go to plugins tab and click on add new plugin Install Pluginception, activate it.

Embed Youtube videos to WordPress Posts 01

After installing the Pluginception plugin, go to the plugin menu and click on create a new plugin and give it a name, whatever you want and fill are required details.  Then click the Create a Blank Plugin button.

Embed Youtube videos to WordPress Posts 02

On the next screen, paste below code


clicks on the update file button

Embed Youtube videos to WordPress Posts 03

Now, go back and see if the video is now rendering, by going to Appearance, Customize, and then Widgets. Paste in your youtube shortcode into a Text Widget if it isn’t already there.

Embed Youtube videos to WordPress Posts 05

Option 4. Adding  Videos Using WordPress Youtube Shortcodes

You can add videos into posts and pages using WordPress Youtube shortcode, It is a very simple way to add videos in WordPress posts. You just need to go to your blog post, in the content area open Square bracket, Type youtube and leave blank space then paste youtube videos URL and type close bracket and save and preview the post. This will look like this:

[ youtube <video url> ]

You can also append values to the YouTube URL to modify the display, such as adjust the width and height, modify the start and stop times in the video, affect the alignment and style of the player, etc. To change the dimensions of the video to 320 by 240 for example, append &w=320&h=240 to the YouTube videos URL and Save and Preview these changes.

Option 5. Embed YouTube Playlists into WordPress Posts, and Pages

You can also embed Youtube videos playlist into WordPress blog post. You just need Youtube video playlist URL to embed playlist in WordPress blog posts and pages.

Youtube video playlist URL very similar to a regular YouTube Video URL but will have a list= parameter appended to it. Now, just like pasting a YouTube URL into the Post or Page Editor, you can paste this Youtube video playlist URL plainly, and on its own line. Do so, and Save and Preview how the Playlist looks on your WordPress website.

Option 6. Displaying YouTube Videos in a WordPress Lightbox

  1. First, install the WP Video Lightbox plugin. From inside the WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins, then click on Add New.
  2. Do a search for WP Video Lightbox. Click Install Now, and then Activate it.
  3. This time, rather than getting a YouTube Video URL ready, we just need the ID, which is the part after the v= in the Youtube Video URL. Get that URL before continuing.
  4. Go to Post tab in your WordPress Dashboard, then click Add New.
  5. Add a title for your blog post, and in the content area add the lightbox shortcode. As seen on the video or below the written instructions, the shortcode is as follows: type an open square bracket, then type video underscore lightbox underscore youtube, then a space, then video underscore id, then equals, then open quote, then paste in the Video ID from the previous step, then close the quotes, then a space, then width equals open quote, the desired value, then close quotes, then a space, then height equals open quote, the desired value, then close quotes, then a space, then auto underscore thumb equals open quote, the number one, then close quotes, and close the square bracket.
  6. Save and test it.

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