Speakable Schema Markup (Voice Schema Markup) Step By Step Guide

In this WordPress SEO Tutorial, I’m going to show you how to implement Speakable Schema MarkUp (Voice Schema Markup), that allows Google Search Engine to identify sections of your content that are most suitable for text-to-speech audio playback.  in your WordPress website.

You are Using Google Structured Data to improve search queries and results for Your Website. But have you thought about the use case for Google Structured Data as it pertains to voice search?

Yes Adding Speakable Schema Markup, also know as Voice Schema Markup is a part of Voice Search SEO. It will improve your WordPress website ranking in voice search queries.

How To Add Speakable Schema Markup

How To Add Speakable Schema Markup (JSON-LD) Structured In WordPress

Why Do We Need To Implement Speakable Schema MarkUp (Voice Schema Markup)?

google revealed that users search on mobile devices more often than desktop PCs in a total of ten different countries. The rise in mobile device usage goes hand in hand with a fast-growing parallel development which is set to become just as vital to search engine optimization – voice search SEO.

Google also added, 55% of American teens aged 13-18 use voice search every day, while 56 percent of adults said using voice search makes them feel tech-savvy.

The study points to the importance of marketers understanding that mobile – especially with voice search – is a much more personal experience for people, and often they are not looking to immediately make that easily moderate conversion that informs budget planning and tends to define marketing success.

Yet with voice search on the rise, we can safely assume that it will have some knock-on effect on search engine optimization (SEO). Google does not (yet) punish pages which don’t voice search optimized but voice search optimization still has its advantages.

That is the reason, Google has announced new Speakable Schema MarkUp aimed at news publishers looking to get their content into the Google Assistant. It is named speakable schema markup, enables publishers to mark up sections of a news article that are most relevant to be read aloud by the Google Assistant, including voice-powered digital assistants like Google Home or Google Home Hub

According To Google

Since beginning the Google Assistant in 2016, we have seen users ask questions about everything from weather to recipes and news. In order to meet news queries with results people can count on, we collaborated on a new schema.org structured data specification called speakable for eligible publishers to markup sections of a news article that are most appropriate to be read aloud by the Google Assistant.

The features are currently in Beta. The beta Speakable Specification is limited to voice-powered digital assistants like Google Home and Google Home Hub Devices in English language users in the US only.

Google also said it hopes to launch the capability in other languages and countries “as soon as a sufficient number of publishers have implemented speakable MarkUp.”

What Is The Definition of the Speakable Specification?

Speakable Specification” Indicates( via xpath or cssSelector ) content of a Web page or Article that are particularly ‘speakable’ in the sense of being highlighted as being especially appropriate for text-to-speech conversion. Other content of a document may also be usefully spoken in particular cases; the ‘speakable’ property helps to indicate the parts most likely to be generally useful for speech (Speakable Content).

The definition of Speakable Specification is currently pending for wider review. This is why the official URL for speakable currently uses the pending subdomain “http://pending.schema.org/speakable

How Does Google Assistant Choose Speakable Content?

Google Assistant chooses “Speakable Content” based on a Google Algorithm. How the Google Algorithm works are not public knowledge. However, for news content, it is not illogical to believe that it is likely evaluating the voice search against currently trending news topics, then selecting from those.

Thus, it may be very important to be specific about what a particular news article is about when representing the content in associated Schema.org structured data. That is likely more important than the Speakable-Specification.

The Speakable Specification only tells Google Assistant what portion of the article to read. For ranking purposes, it may be productive to concentrate on getting the Article type markup and the associated specifications and properties correct.

Will Speakable Content Be Used Beyond News?

After voice-powered digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home, “Speakable Specification” is not limited to only for news articles. The Speakable specification can currently be used in many contexts.

As voice-powered digital devices make it easier to interact with the web, search engine algorithms will eventually adjust to the increasing amount of Speakable search queries. To prepare your WordPress website for this change, you’ll need to know how to use google structured data to improve Speakable(voice) search results.

As more users access your website with mobile devices, So content needs to be optimized for that experience. Google also added, there are 30 times more search queries made by voice now than by typing.

This is only a reason add Speakable Schema MarkUp (JSON-LD) Structured Data In WordPress, There’s also the rise of voice-powered digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home that need to be taken into account.

Why Speakable Schema Markup Will Be Important For SEO?

To understand how valuable the Speakable Schema Markup is, we need to talk about just how much Google Assistant is growing how search engines work. Google Assistant is slowly but surely revolutionizing SEO

It is also, needless to say, the world is moving more in favor of voice functionality. Voice search is already increasingly being practiced for mobile, with a high proportion of local search queries. Various statistics also confirm, that “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020”

In 2017, According to Google,

The Assistant was already “available on more than 400 million devices, including speakers like Google Home, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, watches, headphones, TVs, and more.” This, more than 400 million devices can (and most likely will) make use of the speakable structured data for their voice seearch queries

Smart Voice-Assistant devices such as Google Home devices or Amazon’s Alexa are on the rise. With the Speakable Schema Markup, the accessibility of speech-based information will grow. which means your SEO strategies need to consider for it. The only problem is that it’s not as simple as optimizing your WordPress site with simple language long-tail keywords. You also require the assistance of google structured data.

It’s not that search engines can’t understand what your WordPress site is about solely from the content or metadata. It’s just that google structured data gives them with clearer specifics–specifics users are actually asking for in search. If Google can get those details to the user without limiting them to click, assume how much more effective search would be for everyone.

What are the Benefits of Speakable Schema Markup?

When you integrate your website article with Speakable schema markup, this will help Google to identify the section of information suited for audio playback using text-to-speech (TTS).

When voice search users request news through the voice-powered digital assistant, it feeds up to three articles from around the web back to the user using text-to-speech (TTS), whilst attributing the source of the article and sending the full article URL to the user’s voice-powered digital assistants.

Therefore, website pages with this Speakable schema markup can use Google Assistant to distribute their content throughout new channels in order to reach a wider voice search user base.

What Is The Eligibility For Speakable Schema Markup?

In order to be eligible to appear within news search results, your website must be a valid news source. You must submit your news site to Google either through the Publisher Centre or by setting up a valid edition in Google News Producer.

This new Speakable Schema Markup is currently available for English language users in the US but should be launched in other languages and countries as soon as it has been implemented by a significant number of online publications. If you’d like to get ahead of your competition and implement Speakable within your website,

How To Get Started To Optimize Voice Content?

If you are a publisher wishing to benefit from this remarkable Speakable markup, then there are some guidelines to abide by. You must follow these Google’s guidelines forspeakablecontent to be eligible to appear in news results.

1. Eligibility And Stipulated Guidelines For Implementation of Speakable Markup

Firstly, you will be needed to submit your content either via the Publisher Center or Google News Producer. At this point, you should ask for an index and follow it with the specific label and the news’s URL. From here, the Google News team will assess the submission and respond within one to three weeks.

After been allowed the green light, you will be required to follow through a set of guidelines. These are described into four sets. Follow these guidelines when implementing speakable markup for Google Assistant.

Technical Guidelines For Speakable Markup

The technical Guidelines For Speakable Markup bit will need you to clearly understandable relevant information as speakable structured data. For example the key message and photo captions. This also means that you should avoid using words that might confuse Google Assistant.

Content Guidelines For Speakable Markup

As per google content Guidelines For Speakable Markup, The content should describe the headlines (CSS selectors) and use between 2-3 sentences to make it easy for text-to-speech (TTS). Publishers should also note that the speakable application can be combined into different sections of their article.

Webmaster Guidelines For Speakable Markup

As per Google, Webmaster Guidelines For Speakable Markup involves making the content user-friendly and straight-forward. You should also try to make the content unique. Subsequently, you are required to remove any spam on the website. Also be wary of malicious attacks such as hacking as they may negatively affect your website.

Structured Data Guidelines For Speakable Markup

Under Structured Guidelines For Speakable Markup, the content presented should be structured as highlighted by Google. The best way is to use the JSON- LD code, Resource Description Framework (RDFa) or Microdata. Some of the basic data include; @type, xPath, and id-value.

2. Validating the Structured Data Pages

After following the above guidelines, you should proceed with building brand new pages. As you doing this, ascertain that you are on the right track by testing your code on the Structured Data Testing Tool. You will then be needed to test the page to see how it looks on the search results.

Moreover, your pages might have errors particularly, on events, item listing, job posting, and product review. In such situations, you are advised to sign up as a verified site owner and use Rich Card reports or google structured data reports to pinpoint any errors.

Once recognized, you are supposed to fix and submit the page to Google Search Console. Alternatively, you can use the Manual Action Pages to fix. Remember, you should keep on observing your page from time to time.

3. Submission of Content

When everything is in order, then you can submit your content on Google. This will start the onboarding process. You should get the feedback after five working days. It is at this position that you get to know your fate, eligible or not.

4. A Quick Fix to Some of the Troubles Experienced

Are you stranded in seeing your article on Google Assistant? If this is the case, you can try these steps to avoid these faults.

Use of Commands with TTS Audio

To achieve the wanted outcome with the text-to-speech devices, you should try the following commands. (In this case, we are considering your topic is on machine learning robots)

  • “What’s the latest news about machine learning robots?” or
  • “What’s the latest about machine learning robots?” or
  • “Play news about machine learning robots”

Use of Google Search Console

In case you experience difficulties, let’s say listening from your audio device, you can try another article. Google presents three articles for you to choose from. Moreover, Google search console can help you check on the crawlers and indexation used.

If not this, you can go ahead and check out the algorithms managed by Google. This should put you in a better position in terms of ranking. Finally, the selection will help you customize your site to deliver useful feedback.

Speakable MarkUp (Voice Schema Markup) Implementation Tips:

let’s talk about best practices and implementation tips for Speakable MarkUp (Voice Schema Markup) to optimize your content for voice assistance in your WordPress site.

    • Choose Structured Data Wisely
    • Identify Speakable Snippets
    • Use Google’s Content-Based Actions
    • Make Content More Conversational
    • Use Structured Data for Critical Pages
    • Use Schema Plugin For WordPress
    • Test Your Google Structured Data

Where To Speakable MarkUp (Voice Markup) In WordPress Website?

There are a whole bunch of ways in which you can add google structured data to your benefit. It’s simply a matter of knowing what voice search users would be searching for. Here are some examples of content you’d want to prioritize getting in front of voice search users in search:

And also other speakable sections on your website

Basically, if it would be helpful to have a summary or list read distinctly, or to display visual signals like ratings and image clips, then use google structured data to put your pages front and center.

But I would also suggest putting location-specific information–e.g. address, hours of operation, phone number–into google structured data. Even if you have a Google My Business page, including that info in your Schema markup could push your listing higher up in Google Maps results (which would be great for voice users doing searches on the go).

How To Implement Speakable Markup (Voice Schema Markup) Manually?

There are a few different ways to implement your speakable Schema Markup.  It is mattering to consider the application and what would make the most sense for your content.

Here is, How to add speakable markup to your website Head Section:

Go to Dashboard Menu →  Appearance → Click on editor.

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 18

Now from left side column click on the header.php file.

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 19

The following code is an example of speakable structured data using JSON-LD code and the xPath Content-locator value:

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 17

Add This Code between <head> tag in your header.php, this will look like below screen.

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 20


In the above screen, The first thing you might change is the “@type”:

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 13

In place of WebPage, this could also be Article or BlogPosting. These are simply different kinds of Schema objects with different properties. Either is compatible with Speakable.

Next, we have the name:

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 14

This is the object name of an Article or a WebPage or BlogPost. you can put most relevant keywords here.

Now we have the Speakable markup:

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 15

The “@type” will always be SpeakableSpecification, but the next property can either be cssSelector or xPath. The values that you set here determine which text is selected for use by the Google Assistant or any other voice assistant that might be interpreting the google schema markup.

The URL, of course, should link the URL of the Web Page or Article or BlogPost

Here, the xPaths pull the title and meta description from Web Page or Article. If you were to use this markup it should do the same on your page if it is structured correctly, although you should check this with Google’s structured data testing tool. finally, if everything is ok you will see a screen like below without errors

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 16


How To Implement Speakable Markup (Voice Schema Markup) Using WordPress Plugin?

You can also Add Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data in your WordPress website by using the plugin. The best schema plugin for WordPress is  Markup (JSON-LD) structured in schema.org.

Step 1. Go to Dashboard » Plugins » and click on the Add New

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 01

On the next screen type “Markup (JSON-LD) structured in schema.org“. You will find plugin click on install and activate the plugin.

Step 2. By activating plugin new tab “Schema.org Setting” will appear in the left panel of your dashboard.

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 03

Step 3. Click on “Schema.org List” On the next screen, you will find all option for Implementation of MarkUp (Voice Schema Markup) in your WordPress website. By default all options are disabled.

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 04

Step 4.  By hovering your mouse pointer over the “Article” option, new “edit” button will appear, click on the button.

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 05

Step 5. On the next below screen, fill all detail as shown in screen, and come down at the Speakable option

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 06

First, you need to enable the Speakable option by checking the box. then select an xPaths option, next type “/html/head/title” in headline text box and finally type “/html/head/meta[@name=’description’]/@content” in and at end don’t forget to click on Save Changes button. That’s all done.

You need to configure the same settings for Blog Posting also by repeating the above steps.

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 07

Test Your Speakable MarkUp (Voice Schema Markup):

Of course, once your Speakable MarkUp (JSON-LD) Structured Data has been implemented, you should test it. The first way to do this is by using Google’s free tool  Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 08

Once the schema markup has been implemented and your site has been indexed, run the domain through the testing tool. you will find below the screen in the Structured Data Testing Tool.

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 10

You can see new Google schema markup Article and Blog Posting appeared in the tool. By clicking on any option you will find below the screen.

Speakable Markup (JSON-LD) Structured Data 11

If the code is working right, you will see the headline and summary populated with words in the right side column of the screen.

Imagine listening to Google Assistant as it reads a timeline, or goes through a bunch of photo captions on your site.  Read aloud what you are marking up and ask yourself if it sounds like something that a human being would say in response to a question.  If it doesn’t read naturally, expect people to stop the playback and move on.

Note: Titel and Description will not populate with words if they are wider than allowed characters by google search engine. Google display titles max out (currently) at 600 pixels (Approximately 50-60 characters) and meta description length is up to 920 pixels(Approximately 155-160 characters). make sure your content makes sense and feels natural. Do not markup sections of your content that won’t work well with voice assistants.

Although structured data–for any user, not just voice–doesn’t directly improve SEO, the outcome of correctly implementing it can have a positive effect on your website’s search ranking. By using Speakable Schema MarkUp structured data to enhance Speakable search results, visually and audibly, you can give your WordPress website an edge over the competition and increase click-through rates in the process.

Get Ready for Implications for the Future of Voice Search

What the Speakable Markup means for the future of voice search will depend in part on how well it is received. If it is adopted broadly enough for it to prove useful to the Google Assistant, we may see its use increase outside of news results, especially since it is already listed as a property of WebPage objects, not only Articles.

Prepare your content well with Speakable Schema Markup. Start now. Do it not only for your readers but also for your future listeners. Use the test phase to observe the development of the Speakable Schema Markup and adapt your own content for text to speech conversion. Stay relevant in the coming time of voice search.

I hope this WordPress Tutorial helped you learn how to Implement Speakable Schema MarkUp (Voice Schema Markup) In WordPress website.

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