What is Administrator in WordPress?

Last Updated On November 19, 2018
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When you install WordPress, it generates a new user with the username and password defined during the WordPress installation process. That first user is assigned the user role of an administrator of the site. So you can say administrator is user role in WordPress.

As an administrator of the site your WordPress site, you have full rights to access your WordPress admin panel You can perform all actions on a WordPress website and have full capabilities.

What Is Administrator Role?

Administrator role is one of the user roles which have full access rights on the website. With an admin role, you have full accessibility to perform all activities on your site.

Here are, some admin rights.

  • with the admin role, you can add remove other users with the same role.  But it is important to remember that administrators have the ability to delete content When assigning the administrator role to a user
  • The admin is the only user role that has the ability to upgrade a WordPress site.
  • The administrator can change themes and edit core WordPress files by using the built-in theme editor.
  • They also have the ability to add, delete, and modify any plugins on the site.

Some of the capabilities of the administrator role are assigned to the super admin role in WordPress multisite installation.

The super admin could modify themes, add new users, add and remove plugins, and administer the site network while the roles of the admin would only be concerned with managing a single site assigned to him.

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