What is Screen Options In WordPress?

Last Updated On November 19, 2018
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Usually, You will find Screen Options is a fly down menu button on the top right corner of some pages in your WordPress admin area. When clicked, the Screen Options menu shows options to configure the view of that particular page in your WordPress admin area.

Options in the Screen Options menu change from one admin screen to another. The reason behind having screen options is to give you as much control as possible.

Screen Options usually contains checkboxes to show and hide different sections of an admin screen.  It may also contain the option to choose the number of items to display on the admin screen (for example, you might want to view more than 10 comments when modifying them).

Categories Screen Option

The screen option allows you to display, hide, and customize sections on the admin screen. For instance, in WordPress post edit screen, you can choose to hide the discussion meta box, category selector, or custom fields from the post edit screen if you don’t use it that often.

Post Edit Screen

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