What Is User Role In WordPress?

Last Updated On November 19, 2018
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A user role determines permissions for users to perform a group of tasks. There are some predefined roles with a predefined set of permissions in default WordPress installation. For instance Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.

Each role has a certain number of set tasks. The user role is allowed to perform that are known as “capabilities”. There are numerous capabilities including “publish_posts”, “moderate_comments”,  and “edit_users”.

Although every user role has a predefined set of capabilities, new capabilities can be added and removed from each role. User roles are very helpful when it comes to multi-author WordPress Websites.

Here are a predefined set of capabilities as per user role:

  • The subscriber role only allows the user to read posts but it doesn’t allow to write anything.
  • The Contributor can write posts but he does not allow to publish them.
  • The author role allows to write and publish posts.
  • Editors can write and publish for their own posts as well as others.
  • The administrator has access to all administration features within a single site.
  • Super Admin has access to the entire network if it exists,

User Role

The administrator can also add and remove new user role by using WordPress plugins. This permits the website administrator to manage who can publish and edit posts, create pages, manage plugins, moderate comments, manage others users, define links, manage themes, and so on. The administrator can also restrict the capabilities of various roles.

The user roles make it possible for WordPress sites to have multiple authors and thousands of registered users.

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